Top Grain Leather

Its high quality, longevity and easiness to maintain are just a few of the reasons why at Schots, we are committed to sourcing only the very best top-grain leather, without compromise.

Made from the top (or outer) layer of the hide, the leather fibres have a naturally stronger bond which results in a finished material that has greater durability and vibrance. Luxurious yet easy to care for, we select the finest top-grain leather for both its visual appeal and practicality.

Each piece of authentic top-grain leather exhibits its own natural and individual qualities that will develop and soften over time, growing in character as the natural beauty, texture and personality of each piece comes to the fore with age.

Our Leather Finishes

Vintage Saddle

Medium tan brown with a buttery finish and slight vintage crackle effect.

Havana Brown

Medium light brown, slightly transparent soft and supple.

Santosa Black

Black with a charcoal grey undertone, slightly matte finish, soft and supple.

Vintage Black

Black with a slight vintage crackle grain.

Vintage Cigar

Dark brown with black pigments applied to armrests to enhance the natural wear of vintage upholstery. Each piece is different and unique and is hand-finished with a shellac coating designed to crackle and craze over time to recreate a truly vintage look.

Sienna Brown

Medium brown colour, this colour is an organic natural pigment applied by hand, slightly transparent to allow the natural grain and character to show through. Each piece is different and unique.

Onyx Black

Black with absolute black undertone, satin finish, soft and supple.

Cuba Brown

Tan colour, designed to crackle and wear in with use.

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Care & Maintenance

Taking good care of your leather furniture ensures that it will maintain its handsome appeal and charm for a lifetime. Let's look at some simple leather care tips that will keep your furniture looking it's best for years to come.

First and foremost, it's important to keep your leather as clean as possible. Using a natural, pH balanced leather cleaner gently removes the dirt, grime and other nasties that build up over time.

A wax-based leather protector provides a safeguard from stains and natural wear and tear and gives an extra sealant over your leather's surface - and most importantly - helps maintain its appeal and ensures that future cleaning and maintenance is a whole lot easier.

We all love leather for its lasting charm and durability, but it's still important to treat our leather as best we can to get the very most out of its appearance and natural feel. Whilst dogs are said to be man's best friend, leather and pets just don't get along as well. Dogs and cats have claws, and whether dull or sharp, they can cause damage to your leather's finish.

Another key consideration is where your leather furniture is positioned in your home. Direct sunlight, or other heat sources can really take their toll on the finish of your leather furniture over its lifetime. On the flipside, wet clothing, and especially moisture that contains salt or chlorine (like you'd find in a swimming pool) diminishes the colour and causes a breakdown in the overall quality and texture of your upholstery.

Most importantly, keep sharp objects away from your leather - this ensures that your furniture won't endure scratches or cuts, and maintains all of its appeal and character over the course of its life.

Please note never use leather conditioner on high-end leathers such as Aniline, Semi Aniline, Suede, or Vintage Leather.

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