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VIP Only: 15% off TradCo & Iver

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VIP Only: 15% off Fienza

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VIP Only: 10% off Turner Hastings

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  • Schots (prefix KA SKU) products are sold with up to 30% off RRP as marked.
  • Turner Hastings (prefix TUH SKU) products are sold with up to 10% off RRP as marked.
    Excludes Birmingham Toilets (SKU: TUHBI200CCTBS & TUHBI200CCTWS).
  • Tradco & Iver (prefix THW & IVE SKU) products are sold with up to 25% off RRP* as marked.
  • Fienza (prefix FIE SKU) products are sold with up to 20% off RRP* as marked.
    Excludes Washington S Trap Toilets (SKU: FIE60130W).
  • VIP discount applies storewide and online at
  • Be the first to know about new promotions and offers.
  • The VIP Club is free and available to all retail customers.


Join the Schots VIP Club and enjoy great benefits like up to 30% off Schots branded (prefix KA SKUs) products, up to 20% off select 3rd Party products, free shipping on any VIC eligible order, and more. Be the first to know about exciting new offers and promotions when you join the Schots VIP Club. Signing up is quick and easy, plus it's completely free.
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