About Us

About Us

Our vision at Schots has always been to unearth the uncommon. We love to be inspired and travel the world to find the best in design, craftsmanship and materials (with a particular emphasis on natural and reclaimed materials). We search for fixtures and furniture pieces that speak to our inspiration. Pieces with personality.

We look at the art, architecture and design worlds, both past and present, both locally and abroad, to gather our eclectic range.  And if we can't find the items that quench our inspirational thirst, we design our own and work with skilled artisans to fulfil our aspirations and produce products that we know will appeal to our customer's individual creativity.

We are proud of the products we curate.  Whether beautiful reproductions of classic and heritage pieces or the best of cutting edge design, our collection boasts the highest quality craftsmanship to not only fit in a home of any era but shine in it.  Our goal is to offer all the fixtures our customers may need to decorate and refurbish their home from top to bottom: wood-burning and gas fireplaces, unique lighting, tapware and sinks, quality hardware, and furnishings in some of the best leathers and reclaimed timbers available. We have worked hard to lovingly collect a range of tasteful products to match our customer's personal taste and decor. We know that while trends may change, style will always be in vogue.

Finding the building fixtures, lighting, furniture and homewares that inspire us is only half the story.

The great reward for us is being able to share our creative vision with our loyal customers. Since our modest beginnings, Schots has grown to house our eclectic range of items in three expansive warehouses: our 6,500 square metre home in Clifton Hill, over 4,000 square meters Bayside and over 3,200 square metres at Geelong, plus our ever-expanding online store. At Schots, we thrive on hearing our customer's feedback and love to share their passion and inspiration.

Together with our customers, the Schots family love to live creative inspiration. To share passions through decor. To honour the craftsmanship. To curate the eclectic.

To 'unearth the uncommon'.