Time for a new kitchen sink, and you've heard about Fireclay but don't know what it is?

Fireclay is one of the most durable and almost indestructible sink materials because of its highly skilled manufacturing process.

Schots Fireclay sinks are fired to extremely high temperatures above 1200 degrees Celsius, causing the clay particles to bond together, forming an incredibly dense and hard surface, while at the same time, a protective glaze is fused to the clay. This process results in a highly heat-resistant sink that can withstand boiling water temperature changes without warping or cracking. The result? A charming farmhouse sink that is both easy to maintain and durable.

Our Fireclay sinks maintain their sleek appearance and bright white for a more extended period than their cast iron or composite counterparts. Moreover, with their resistance to scratches, dents and discolouration, there's no need to worry when the obligatory dropped dish mishap occurs. For peace of mind, Schots offers heavy-duty sink protectors for all our fireclay sinks, providing extra comfort in knowing that your sink will last forever.

Because all Schots Fireclay pieces have passed stringent laboratory testing, you can rest assured that you are getting the best when you purchase from Schots.

Main Features

scratch resistant

Fireclay sinks are scratch resistant. This is fantastic because a sink that is not resistant to scratches becomes dull over the years, as well as starts staining and becoming more susceptible to chipping or breakage.

impact damage

Fireclay lasts for quite a long time and is resistant to acids and alkalis, as well as chips and dings.


All that's required to keep your fireclay sink clean is a simple wipe-down at the end of each day. You can also use mild cleaners as required, though it's best to avoid anything too harsh or abrasive.


For peace of mind, we offer 10-year warranty for our fireclay products.

thermal shock

Fireclay products can withstand sudden changes in temperature either during heating or cooling.


  • Sanitary Appliance Certification, EN 14688:2018/5.4 (Resistance to Temperature change)
  • Ceramic Plumbing Fixtures Certification, ASME A112.19.2013/CSA B45.1-13 (Tolerances for Thickness, Glazing, Warpage, Absorption)
  • UPC Quality Assurance Certification, (Uniform Plumbing Code)

Care & Maintenance

Now that you have decided to add instant farmhouse appeal to your kitchen, it's time to understand how to maintain your Fireclay sink.

With their high durability and stain resistance, we must admit that Schots Fireclay sinks don't need much help maintaining their charm. After use, a warm soapy wipe-down with a clean cloth will keep it sparkling.

If you find it difficult to remove stains, using baking soda will resolve that issue. We recommend you don't use scouring powder, steel cleaners or concentrated drain cleaners to clean your Fireclay since these abrasive substances could dull the glaze.

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