Argentinian Grill BBQArgentinian Grill BBQ

Experience the Ultimate Grilling with Schots' New Collection of Argentinian Black Steel Grill BBQs!

Are you passionate about grilling and eager to elevate your outdoor cooking experience? Look no further! Introducing Schots' latest collection of Argentinian BBQs, available in three sizes - 75cm, 95cm, and 120cm. Crafted with a perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and style, these BBQs promise to take your grilling skills to new heights.

Premium Quality Construction for Lasting Performance

Built to last with robust black steel, our grills withstand frequent use. The high-quality steel firebox construction is fully lined with firebricks, ensuring exceptional heat retention and even distribution for perfectly cooked food every time. Invest in a grill that consistently delivers outstanding grilling results.

Customisable Grilling Experience for Your Preference

Whether a grilling expert or just starting, our Argentinian BBQs cater to all. The adjustable V-shaped stainless-steel grills allow complete control over cooking temperature and smokiness. Explore various styles, from searing to smoking, and achieve your desired results.

A Size to Suit Every Occasion

Choose from three sizes - 75cm, 95cm, and 120cm, to accommodate any gathering. The 75cm grill is perfect for intimate dinners, the 95cm for medium-sized gatherings, and the 120cm for larger celebrations. Each size delivers exceptional performance, creating memorable moments with loved ones.

Effortless Cleaning and Healthier Grilling

Hassle-free maintenance is key. Our grills feature a smart design with a drip tray that collects excess fats and oils, making clean-up a breeze. The V-shaped stainless-steel grills guide fats away from your food, offering a healthier grilling option without compromising flavour.

Experience Convenient Grilling

Enhance your grilling experience with convenient features. Smooth roller bearings and a hand crank adjustable wheel allow effortless height adjustments for precise heat control. The drop-down front panel with primary air control fine-tunes airflow and temperature for ultimate cooking mastery. An included rain cover protects your BBQ, ensuring it stays in top-notch condition.

Mobility and Versatility

Take your grilling anywhere with ease, thanks to built-in wheels. Grills on the patio or in the backyard offer easy mobility. Enjoy the convenience of multi-fuel use; opt for wood or charcoal to suit your grilling style.

Embrace grilling with our versatile, durable, and feature-packed Argentinian BBQs that promise mouthwatering, smoky, and irresistible meals. Host a BBQ party or enjoy a casual outdoor meal; our BBQs deliver the ultimate grilling experience.

Don't Miss Out - Order Yours Today!

Revolutionise your grilling game with Schots' New Collection of Argentinian BBQs. Order yours today and savour every moment of grilling perfection!

  • True Argentinian Style BBQ

    Embrace the art of Argentinian grilling with Schots Black Steel Grill BBQs. Immerse yourself in the time-honoured traditions of Argentinian cooking, mastering the delicate balance between heat, smoke, and flavour.

  • Premium Quality Construction

    Crafted from robust, high-quality black steel, this grill is built to last. They offer exceptional heat retention and distribution, promising consistent grilling results every time, no matter what size grill you choose.

  • Adjustable Grate Height

    With its adjustable V-shaped grate, you have full control over your grilling experience. Easily adjust the distance between your food and the flames to achieve the desired temperature and level of smokiness.

  • Generous Cooking Space

    The grilling area provides ample space to cater to large gatherings, family dinners or intimate backyard get-togethers. Grill multiple dishes simultaneously and satisfy every palate.

  • Versatile Grilling Experiences

    Perfect for searing, slow cooking, smoking, or traditional grilling, this Argentinian BBQ grill lets you explore a myriad of cooking styles.

  • Sleek Aesthetic

    With its chic black steel design, these grills are not just a cooking device, but a striking addition to any outdoor décor. They exude an industrial yet refined aesthetic that is sure to impress.

  • Healthier Cooking Option

    The V-shaped grates guide excess fats away from the food into the drip tray, providing a leaner, healthier cooking option.

  • Intuitive Design

    Built with usability in mind, this grill is straightforward to assemble and operate. It's the perfect companion for both novice grillers and seasoned BBQ enthusiasts alike.

Argentinian Style Grill BBQs