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'Unearth the Uncommon' at Schots Home Emporium

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At Schots you can combine an eclectic mix of uncommonly fine furnishings, from three fascinating and expansive levels, to make a truly individual statement.

Put simply, the incredible array of choices available allows you to create any look or mood you desire – with a style and class that will not only give you years of personal pleasure, but also succeed in impressing your guests.

So if you're in search of something extra special, call in soon. Schots is the one place where you truly can "Unearth the Uncommon."

400 Hoddle Street,
Clifton Hill Melbourne 3068
Ph 1300 774 774


299 Melbourne Rd,
North Geelong 3215 (off Mackey Rd)
Ph: 1300 693 693
Open 7 days for your convenience

More Information About Schots

One of the greatest investments any of us has is our home. Home renovation, remodeling and decorating can be a very rewarding process and sometimes it can be frustrating and overly complicated. The idea is to have a plan but be open to fresh ideas as your Home renovation takes shape. We know that can be tricky, but it is also one of the challenges that make it such a fun and exciting undertaking. Whether it is as simple as home decor and home furnishings, which are never as simple as they appear; or a full Home renovation with multiple trips to the home store, all can be accomplished with vision and planning.

If you are looking for ideas and creative vision our Melbourne home store will provide you with endless possibilities. Its always advisable to have a plan to start with but be flexible enough to adapt and improve your Home renovation as you go along. We know that it can challenging but as long as you are engaged in the Home renovation process from start to finish so you have an intimate knowledge of the spacial areas and natural light you will be amazed how the right home furnishings and home decor can transform your Home renovation.

When it comes to home decor, quality counts and can be seen in the details. What brick, wood or paint do for the exterior look of a house, the quality, style and craftsmanship of the home furnishings is what makes a house a home. We are experts in home decor and home furnishings and want to share our passion and experience in what we love with our customers.

The home and what it means to people is varied and different, this shows in personal styles and tastes as well as in colors and textures. Our extensive fine furnishings collections allow you to showcase your individual style, from traditional to eclectic. The home is not just the living room and kitchen, but the bedrooms and bathrooms and even the backyard and the patio. All of the living spaces should get the attention and style that they deserve.

The more trips you make to the home store as you go along with your Home renovation the easier the creative juices will flow. The interior details of the home, such as what floor surfaces stone or wood, door styles, lighting, wall finishes etc. as well as feature pieces which will define a home. Your home store will become a library to resource ideas, so you can choose what best suits your home and lifestyle. Most importantly, the home store will help you create the essence of a personality in your Home renovation which can be as individual as you are.

Online and from our Melbourne location, we offer ideas and solutions for the kitchen and the bathroom, from doors and windows to the floors and lighting to make each room special. Whether it is in front of the fireplace or on the patio in the backyard, or anywhere that family and friends gather to enjoy life and each other; these are the places that we think our approach to style and decorating can make life better. We like to think that there are pieces that furnish a home and those that define it.