The Second Coming: how reclaimed furniture is experiencing a new lease on life

It’s near impossible to find someone who isn’t supportive of reusing and recycling but in the interior design world, we’re not talking plastic bottles and cardboard. Reclaimed timber furniture is a highly desirable addition to any home. And just like a recycled vintage dress, reclaimed furniture is a living piece of history with its own story to tell. 

“Reclaimed wood furniture is so special,” says Fiona Schot, buyer at Schots Home Emporium. “A beautiful teak dining table will add a meaningful touch to your home and of course, be a talking point.” 

Design trends come and go, but the move towards natural reclaimed timbers from polished mahogany finished timber furniture for example, has been embraced by those wanting bold statement pieces with their own character and history. “The natural characteristics and patina from the aged timber make each piece unique,” says Fiona. Be it the nail and pin holes, wear marks and knots – these characteristics reflect its living history.

“We’ve noticed that our customers are drawn to natural materials,” says Fiona. “There’s something very attractive about a beam from a bridge being recrafted into a dining table – it has its own personality, and practically speaking, it doesn’t need a table cloth and kids don’t need to be kept away – it’s probably the only thing in the house that actually looks better with a little wear and tear!”

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