Clifton Hill Showroom

View of Clifton Hill Showroom From Hoddle street

There are any number of stores who offer the mass-produced and cater to customers who are simply content to furnish their homes in a standard (or ‘Spartan') manner. But for the more discerning who wish to create a wonderful atmosphere of lived-in comfort and (in true Bohemian fashion) combine an eclectic mix of uncommonly fine furnishings to make a truly individual statement, there is always the extraordinary world of Schots Home Emporium on three fascinating and expansive levels.

Whether you're 'renovating the old' or 'appointing the new', you'll find exploring Schots an experience that's a million miles from the everyday store filled with unique conversation pieces rather than ordinary, run-of-the-mill designs; and a delightfully different aire of artistry, soul and sophistication that never fails to excite (and inspire) the senses at every turn, in every department.

Time and again, people visiting from overseas tell us there is no other store like it in the world for building real charm and character into a home and locals calling in for the first time are just as taken by the unusual breadth and beauty of the range.

 Here, you have the ability to select from the largest and most exquisite collection of wood or gas fuelled fireplaces; handcrafted marble or polished timber mantles; beautiful bathroom vanities, basins, tiles and tapware; magnificent heritage-style lighting and ceiling roses; fine feature doors and brass accessories; stunning one-of-a-kind sculptures and objects of art; quality teak outdoor settings, and a host of original and reproduction items of furniture. Put simply, the incredible array of choices available allows you to create any look or mood you desire with a style and class that will not only give you years of personal pleasure, but also succeed in impressing your guests.

Clifton Hill Showroom

Open 7 Days
400 Hoddle Street, Clifton Hill, 3068 Victoria

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