Beyond The Driveway

Long gone are the days of concrete being used to construct driveways and car park towers. These days, partly thanks to home renovation TV shows, concrete furniture is enjoying its time in the spotlight.

Concrete dining setting with Twigs concrete table, twigs bookshelf.

“Concrete furniture is surprisingly versatile,” says Fiona Schot, buyer at Schots Home Emporium. “Concrete has the ability to take on many shapes and forms that other materials are not able to achieve. We have over 20 different stool and side table designs, as well as concrete pieces combined with other materials – wood, steel, stainless steel, galvanised rust steel; we really only have scratched the surface and are expanding our concrete range weekly.”

Tonga Concrete Dining Table with Wishing Chairs

Concrete furniture pieces look the part both inside and outside the home – if you’re looking for a bold, statement piece in the kitchen or bathroom, a concrete dining table or bathroom vanity will look great in a modern home.

Zanita Concrete Dining Table with Savoy Leather Chairs

Outside the home, concrete table settings and other outdoor furniture pieces have the advantage of being a worry-free addition to the home: they’re water resistant, won’t blow away in the wind or need a cover in winter. “Because of the neutral finish, concrete pieces will reflect the colours and vibrancy of a garden and landscape,” says Fiona. “It contrasts really well with greenery, and has a natural patina and character to it; it looks fabulous and modern.”

Lista Concrete dining table outdoor setting

See the range of concrete furniture at Schots Home Emporium showrooms in Moorabbin, Clifton Hill and Geelong.

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