A Cut Above The Rest: introducing the beauty of top grain vintage leather furniture

A Cut Above The Rest: introducing the beauty of top grain vintage leather furniture


When shopping for a new piece of furniture it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused – there are just so many options out there. How do you pick something that is timeless, wears well (especially if you have kids and sofa-loving pets) and looks good? The vintage cigar leather furniture range available at family-run Schots Home Emporium manages to tick all the boxes. Made from top grain Argentinian leather, vintage leather furniture is made from the first and best cut from the hide meaning it’s thicker and therefore more durable. In an increasingly disposable world, Schots leather furniture is made to last a lifetime but not all leather furniture is made equal, says buyer Fiona Schot. 


Lodge Leather Armchair + Boston 3 Seater Leather Sofa

“Schots vintage cigar leather pieces, from chairs to sofas to ottomans, contain no chemical additives in the finish,” says Fiona. “Instead, a natural shellac is hand-worked through a number of processes to create an aged crackle effect.” In terms of the patina – a soft sheen that develops over time to all leather products – it’s three dimensional and improves with age.


Button + Club Leather Armchairs

Instead of feeling confused when looking for new furniture, Fiona recommends taking your time and asking lots of questions. “Go for pieces that you can see fitting into your home and more importantly, that you can see being used and loved,” says Fiona. “Don’t be intimidated by leather, either – it’s very durable and will stand the test of time.” 


2 Seater + Armchair Leather Petra

The designs and styles available at Schots are crafted to compliment any setting – vintage leather pieces add warmth and character to any home – even in more contemporary settings, Schots leather sofas are so inviting and comfortable, even the kids will give it the seal of approval.

Oregon 3 Seater Leather Sofa Bed

Visit the range of vintage cigar leather pieces (dining chairs, sofas, ottomans, armchairs, recliners and more) at Schots Home Emporium showrooms in Clifton Hill and Geelong. For more information, visit


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